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What a nice weekend!

Last Friday was a 'merdeka' day for me.. I did my last on-call as a Medical M.O.. I had finished my Medical posting at last.. And tomorrow, is a new day for me.. I'm gonna walk into Orthopedics department as their new M.O.. I heard rumors say that I'm gonna be Ortho core M.O.. uhuk.. I'm speechless.. :-P How can that be..? I know almost nothing in Ortho.. and some more I don't like Ortho surgery.. quite scary for me..

My last call on Friday, I admitted a lot of interesting cases into the medical ward.. haha.. I never dreamt of that.. I had one case; a-40plus-year-old gentleman, known case of gouty arthritis, has been having high grade fever for the last 3 weeks.. and had gone to the clinics and hospitals for quite few times with unresolved fever.. blood tests, X-rays showed normal results.. he went to Klinik Kesihatan Temerloh (KK Temerloh a.k.a Klinik Tepi Sungai) for the similar complain and later the attending doctor in KK Temerloh referred him to me. I admit him to the ward for my specialist to crack their head finding the diagnosis.. uhuk.. my working diagnosis is connective tissue disease.. :-D

Just before I go to sleep that night at around 4 am.. I had another unique case.. a-40plus-year-old lady, newly diagnose hypertension, came in with only complain of vomiting and nausea.. all of my examination showed nothing positive.. blood investigations were normal except very high count of white blood cells.. radiologically - normal findings.. aha.. I cracked my head in Yellow zone to correlate the symptoms and other findings.. and at last I admit her as she was so septic looking.. but I couldn't find the source of infection.. hmmm..

The next day, I did my last morning round in ward Kenanga 14.. it was a special moment for me.. as it reminded me of my first day in Medical department.. my first morning round as an M.O. was is Kenanga 14 and finally my last morning round was also in that ward... uhuk.. then I went back to my house.. watching tv, sleeping, eating, sleep again, watch tv then eat again and so on.. huhu.. what a nice weekend.. and I have to stay silent as someone is having 'very severe' headache until can't even reply my sms.. uhu.. should've been admitted to the ward by then.. :-P

Well, I wish I can spend more weekends like this in the future.. huhu..

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MuHaMMaD86 said...

ur english is excellent...kata xpandai konon..hehe

hurm...tahniah dr ats apa yg dr doakn yg terbek kt dr....May God Bless u

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